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M&A for Growth as a Strategy

Acquiring a company or business can give you some leverage over your competition when using M&A for growth. Many small businesses think that acquisitions are only for blue chip companies. They are always intimidated by the acquisition work process and think money would never be available to purchase an alternate business.

Business Acquisition

There would never be a perfect time to purchase a business. You need to seize the initiative and try to purchase a business once the opportunity arises because it is the right thing to do if you want to see your business grow.

Many smart individuals charting new courses and conquering new territories everyday while others struggle to keep their businesses above water.  If you are really interested in being competitive, you need to acquire businesses.

A number of companies are successful today and have made it into the Fortune 500 group of companies simply because they acquired companies in the past. Company acquisition is a strategy that every business owner must employ because of the rapidly changing face of the industry.

Business Expansion

Sometimes it is better for a company to expand by purchasing another business rather than pumping resources into building a brand image, marketing or advertising. Investors and financial lenders are always impressed with sales projections, asset bases and real financials. These things are provided only if you acquire a healthy company.

If you have not been involved in an acquisition process before, do not rush. Take a few months to access the business and align yourselves with people who can advice you accordingly about the pros and cons of the business that pricks your interest.

Creating Synergy

When 2 companies come together, it is expected that they will make more money with less expenses. Revenue earnings can shoot up based on cross selling between the 2 entities as well as the combination of employees which helps to increase productivity.

A small business owner must be willing to take risks if he wants to see his business grow. There is no venture that is 100% foolproof. You need to understand the difference between taking a calculated risk and a reckless one. It is important that you cut down your risks to the barest minimum when you choose to acquire a company or business.

You need to make the risks easier to quantify if possible. You need to understand the expenses required to make it a reality. You need to be able to make profit projections with a certain amount of accuracy.

About The Author

Alam Qureshi is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Certified M&A Professional and Broker of Record at ProClient Brokers Inc., Brokerage. He helps business owners learn how to sell a business so they can get the maximum value for their company. call us 416 364 5550 or CONTACT US to get in touch.

Date modified: 7-16-2019

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