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Selling A Business

Comm1Our Selling A Business Process

Deciding to sell your business is an emotional decision. When you think of selling your business, it’s time to make a move. Assuming all decision makers are on board with this decision. The first area to understand is that books and records are important to calculate Actual Cash Flow for establishing the Selling Price of the Business. We provide Business Owners the ability to stay focused on running their business during the sale process, which can take on average 6 to 12 months to complete. We do all the following when a business owner decides to work with us to sell their business:

Business Confidentiality

We have established systems in place to protect the confidentiality of a business without any exception.

Business Valuations

We provide an idea what your business is worth in today’s market. We are trained in calculating Fair Market Value of your business and help business owners understand the true value of all their hard work and sacrifice.

Market Knowledge, Benefits, And Process

We make our living selling businesses. We are in the market on a daily basis conversing with Buyers. We understand the local market as well as what a business is worth and keep seller informed about market situation.

  • Time Saving – Seller saves time and stress and remains focused on the business operation.
  • Listing & Documentation: Based on the Province of Ontario Law, we provide the seller with a business condition disclosure form, and other forms which may be needed during Listing of the business.
  • Business Profile – We preparing necessary presentable papers and business profile describing the business detail for advertising, pamphlets, tours, etc.
  • Seller Representation –  We become the contact person available to answer any questions about the business and to schedule showing appointments
  • Buyer Qualification – We ensure buyers are pre-screened so that they are financially qualified to buy the business; the more highly financially qualified the buyer is, the more likely the closing will succeed.
  • Price Negotiation – We negotiate price on behalf of the sellers. By not being emotionally tied to the transaction, we are in a position to more effectively negotiate on a Seller’s behalf.
  • Agreement of Purchase And Sale – We draw Agreement of Purchase And Sale, if need be
  • Buyer Financing – We help Buyer in obtaining financing just in case.
  • Closing – We help buyer and seller in closing and completion of the transaction.

We get prospective buyers attention in a variety of ways, including listing details of available businesses on our websites, direct emails, advertising & interviewing buyers. We also directly approach prospective buyers by matching their buying preferences and interest.

If you are considering selling your business, you need to know the market value of your business. We encourage you to discuss with us the possibilities first thru Business Seller Contact Form.
Selling a Small Business – Video

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