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Business Buyers

For Business Buyers

If you’re interested in buying a business there are many things that you should consider. We provide you the tools and information that can help you determine if buying a business is right for you as well as what businesses are currently available in the market.

Benefits of buying a Business

Many dream of owning a business to:

  • Be her own boss
  • Have job security
  • Control your hours
  • Build equity in the business
  • Leave to your heirs
  • Create a legacy

What Business Buyers should look for?

Business Buyers look for:

  1. Good cash flow
  2. Diverse customer base
  3. Growth potential
  4. Reasonable price
  5. Flexible terms
  6. Living wage
  7. Transition (by seller for 1–6 months)
  8. Good reason for sale
  9. Lease on reasonable terms and cost if business is in leased premises
  10. Covenant not to compete
  11. No last-minute surprises
  12. Fair Market Value of FF&E
  13. Appearance.

We search and locate business for you from businesses listed with us or our database for perfect fit to your situation. If you would like to discuss about your acquisition of your liking, please click to fill the Business Buyer Form  with your business information.

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