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For Franchisors – Services to Franchisors

So far franchising has been the most successful method for business expansion giving franchisor more exposure, brand awareness, and higher profitability. Franchising has grown quickly and became a worldwide business strategy for growth.

Franchising is not always the most suitable option for every business, franchising growth strategies are being applied to more and more businesses and industries globally. We at GTA Business Broker provide services to companies thinking of expanding their business in Canada, United States and/or internationally through various strategies including franchising.


1. Existing Franchisor Services

Franchise Expansion

If you have an existing franchise model with successful operation in place, then you may think of expanding your franchise by recruiting new franchisees in to your franchise system. Selecting a right franchise candidate as a franchisee for any successful concept needs proper scrutiny and investigation. LEARN MORE

Franchise System Improvement

A brilliant business owner won’t contend with just the way his franchise goes. Oftentimes, he is seen analyzing or contemplating on the different ways to further improve his business so that it will deliver even better results. Existing franchise owners can definitely take advantage of the several improvement options available for their business. LEARN MORE

2. Future Franchisor Services

Is Your Business Franchiseable?

Expanding a business is the ultimate goal of many owners. And one of the many ways to expand a business is by putting it up for a franchise. But before you go out there and draft franchise agreement forms, determine first if your business is franchiseable and if selling many franchise units is the best way to maximize its earning. LEARN MORE

Franchise Development

Any business that is doing great is viable for expansion. Right now, many of the companies that desire to expand can do so through franchise development. Franchise development is the process of making a business available to willing business owners. They will be given the opportunity to offer the same products and services that the original company offers. LEARN MORE

GTA Business Broker is a Business Sales division of ProClient Brokers Inc., Brokerage, located at Milton, Ontario. We always look for the next great Client and project. If you would like working with us, please get in touch!

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