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Information for Business Seller

To make your company more sell-able please read ‘Info for Business Seller’ to act wisely. This will help us add value to your business.

A. Roles of the Business Broker and the Seller:

As a Business Broker, my role is to bring as many written offers from pre-screened buyers as possible.  Your role as a Seller is to continue to maintain your business and keep operating as normal until your business is sold.

B. There are 3 things Buyers are looking for from buying your business:

  1. Enough money to service the debt they incur in buying the business.
  2. Enough left over to maintain their standard of living.
  3. A decent return on the cash they invest in the business.

C. Four very common questions every Buyer asks?

  1. If the business is so good then why are you selling it?
  2. How much money does it make?
  3. What’s the upside potential, or is it going to lose market share, when I own it?
  4. How did you get that evaluation / price for your business?

D. Getting your business ready for sale:

  1. Ensure your employees are not aware of the fact that you are selling your business, their moral gets negatively impacted and they won’t perform well leading up to the sale (which could jeopardize the sale of your business).
  2. Keep your business clean and up to date inside and out.
  3. Keep your shelves well stocked with inventory (shows health of the business).
  4. Prepare at least 3 years’ worth of financial statements (we will use this information to give you broker’s expert opinion on what the business is worth).

E. The Benefits of Using Us (ProClient Brokers Inc.)

We can:

  • Obtain an objective assessment of what you have to sell and what it might be

  • Obtain useful ideas on how to improve the value or marketability of your company.

  • Help assess when the best time would be to sell your business.

  • Approach potential buyers while keeping your identity hidden.

  • Qualify potential buyers, so you don’t waste your time with scavengers, tire-kickers or curiosity-seekers.

  • Develop and implement a plan to bring enthusiastic, multiple buyers to the table and can deal with multiple potential buyers at the same time.

  • Leave you free to run the business.

  • Let you stay in complete background, if you prefer, in the negotiating process.

  • Negotiate business terms, including price, non- competition covenants, deal structure, payment terms, management contracts, security and other critical matters.

  • Bring other necessary professionals into the process, including accountants, lawyers, and other consultants.

  • Keep driving the deal forward, and will work to hold a deal together, if it makes sense.

  • Work with the lawyers and accountants to ensure the deal gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible

If you are interested to sell your business with us, CONTACT US to discuss the possibilities.

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