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       Private Equity (PEGs)

                      Be the SOLUTION to Your EXIT


WHAT IS Private Equity?

Private equity investors (PEGs), also called financial sponsors or buy-out firms, invest in non-public businesses and typically hold their investments with the intent of realizing a return within 3 to 7 years.

While private equity firms employ various strategies to create value in their investments such as consolidation of a fragmented industry, a common strategy is to acquire a “platform” through further “add-on” acquisitions. Add-on acquisitions are typically smaller in size, but complementary to, the platform investment.

WHY Private Equity

  • Private Equity Groups are disciplined buyers and familiar with the M&A process.
  • “Portfolio” or “platform” companies owned by PEGs can become strategic acquirers.
  • “Add-on” companies are smaller in size with EBITDA often under $1 million and PEGs will often pay higher multiples for such companies.
  • They are experienced buyers with funds and lenders in place, assuring that transactions will be consummated in the agreed upon time-frame.
  • They can be excellent partner who can help you grow the business for a sale in the future.
  • They can also be the solution where additional capital is needed for family succession plans or management buyouts.


           about Our Firm and Private Equity

ProClient Brokers Inc has developed personal relationships over the years with private equity groups around US and Canada thru our direct contacts and The M&A Source’s bi-annual Dealmakers Expo.

Because of this important knowledge, and our personal relationship cultivated over time, we can arrange a premarketing analysis and meeting with appropriate PEGs to preview your business, provide feedback, and possibly even sell it without exposing it to the market.

Private Equity Groups are not created equal

It is important to partner and collaborate with a firm that knows the ins and outs and can market your company to the PEGs appropriate to your situation.

more detail ….. PEG Brochure

Contact us for confidential meeting for your specific needs and objectives.

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