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M&A Due Diligence

Business due diligenceDue diligence is the process by which an existing business owner proves that everything he/she claims about his/her business is true. This background check on the business provides the purchaser with security that the enterprise they are about to undertake is sound and as profitable as the current owner states.

Though the process is lengthy, tedious and time-consuming, purchasing or merging with an existing business is a risky endeavor and one would not want to make any decisions without being informed. The seller should provide the buyer with important documents for search and due diligence. More about M&A Due Diligence….

Documents for M&A Due Diligence
  • Company legal structure
  • Business accounting and revenue records
  • Organizational records
  • Insurance policy information
  • Organizational structure
  • Records of assets and liability
  • Marketing material

This information is vital to the process and keeps the buyer aware of any and all pitfalls in the business structure.

It is imperative to ask questions not only about finances but about the business’s organization, primary target consumers and leadership strategies. The interested party should use the team of professionals including financial advisor, lawyer and business intermediary for facilitation. The running of due diligence is not the guarantee of completion of the transaction but at the same time it’s very good tool to make an informed decision. This information not only provides you with information to expand and promote your business but also informs you on the kind and quality of your new employees. It takes the good amount of time and hard work to complete the work. Prudent buyer never underestimates the importance of process for assessment of future prospects of the business.

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