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Seller Benefits With Us

Seller Benefits - gta Business BrokerHere Are Some of Seller Benefits with Us When Hiring:

  • You get access to This Broker’s database of local and nationwide Business Buyers and Investors
  • Discreet Advertising and Marketing for maximum infiltration to your targeted Industry
  • Focus on Decision Makers [business buyers and investors for quick offer decision]
  • Scrutinize Potential Buyers to ensure their qualifications BEFORE they know who you are
  • Negotiate buyers or their representatives on your behalf according to the Mandate.
  • We are educated in the Business arena and have qualifications as such – CBI (Certified Business Intermediary), Member of MA Source.
  • We answer buyer’s questions professionally while maintaining discretion
  • Our  fees are performance based – compensation only for successful results in most of the cases.
  • Maintain Confidentiality (Secrecy) and quality of your business information
  • We Compile, Organize and Present your business Ideally, with your Accountant’s and Lawyer’s inputs, if available.
  •  Give you the market  price indication (MPSP – Most Probable Selling Price / BOV – Broker Opinion of Value) before processing your business for marketing.
  • Assist you develop a Strategy to best present your business to your Target Market
  • Help with the Financial Recasting to make your business more sale-able
  • Help the buyer obtaining the most appropriate financing, given their situation
  • You, the Seller, avoid distractions while operating your business
  • Quality and Discretion are our mainstays
  • Help  you get a better price in the market for your business

If you would like to discuss the sale of your existing business, please click the link below to contact us with your business information BUSINESS SELLER CONTACT FORM

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