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The Pricing Dynamics of Selling a Business


Pricing a Business for Sale

There are many tools available if you want to determine the price dynamics for selling your business. There is no particular price that you can use. The final price rests solely on the buyer and the seller. How bad does the buyer want to buy? How strongly does the seller want to sell?

These questions play a domineering role towards closing any sale.

  • Compare Before Proposing Asking Price

If you want to sell a business you can investigate and see how much a similar business is being sold. You can also contact a Business Broker and/or the national trade association/s where applicable. These organizations keep valuable information about businesses in key industries and are always willing to share it with anyone interested.

  • Hiring Business Broker

Moreover, you could hire a Business Broker who could do all the grunt work for you and also help you broker the deal eventually when buyers begin to show up or bid to take over your business. You can sell your business based on the asset that you have or monies that you generate including the cash flow, debt payments and revenue base.

  • Business Financials

Ensure that your business records are in order. Any serious buyer would want to look at your books. So it is imperative that your financial statement be in good working order. Income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets are what potential buyers usually ask to see.

  • List of Asset

You will also need to know the full estimate of your physical assets. Prepare them in a list and price them accordingly. Prospects that come around want to see a comprehensive asset list including the price of purchase and the current market value. This plays a large role in determining how much your business will go for.

  • Business Manageability

A business that is dependent on the owner or certain employees affects price. You need to make everyone relevant in the workplace. Appoint a deputy manager and key personnel in all the departments. This delimits risk and quells fears that the company would crash if a selected few leave.


In conclusion, try to focus on the core strengths of your business. A buyer will still go ahead with a sale even if he notices certain weaknesses in a business. Buyers do not necessarily tilt towards diversified businesses. They are more concerned with the assets and the strengths of a business. The pricing of a business will go up if you can improve your financial ratios and are ready to present before attempting to sell to buyers. In other words you need to prepare your business for sale before putting it for sale.

<The Pricing Dynamics of Selling a Business>

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