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Franchise Expansion

Franchise Expansion Solutions

You have an existing franchise model with successful operation in place. You may think of your franchise expansion by recruiting new franchisees into your franchise system. Selecting a right franchise candidate as a franchisee for any successful concept needs proper scrutiny and investigation. As a franchise expansion strategy, an established franchisor either have an in-house franchise sales department or outsource recruitment services. Unfortunately, effective franchise expansion or recruitment process in franchise can be one of the toughest jobs. It is often an extremely expensive and time consuming.

There are a number of fundamentals to franchise expansion just as there are for any other business or venture. We have included some of the most important fundamentals for you to review.

You should think of your existing franchise expansion keeping the following in mind:

Unique Concept

Your concept must be different than your competitors, unique so to speak, and it must be profitable.

Multiple Profitable Locations

It would be best to have multiple locations operating profitably for the prospect to review and see first hand.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) must be attractive with a break-even point in the near future.

Training for Franchisees

You will need to offer your franchisees the necessary training that would include hands on training as well as complete operations manuals for daily reference of operating techniques.

Capital for Expansion.

Necessary capital to invest in expansion must be available.

Management Capability.

you have to build a management team dedicated to the success of your franchisees.

As part of our Franchise Expansion Service, we can help our Franchisor client devise a recruitment strategy to expand your franchise successfully. You can offer single unit, multiple-unit, development agent and master franchisees positions for fast expansion.

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