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You can rely on our Business Intermediary Services to deliver. We offer free confidential consultation to discuss your Exit Strategies and/ or Acquisition options. Call (416) 364-5550 Or ....eContact Us

Business Wanted

>> Qualified Buyers Looking for Businesses

If you are seller, interested in selling a business that fits any of the requirements from our buyers/clients as listed below, then please contact us to discuss the possibility.

If you are buyer, interested in acquiring a business and would like your buying details be posted on our website, please contact us. More bout Business wanted ……….

Local Buyers Looking for Small Businesses
  • Lottery Kiosk in Mall Premises anywhere in GTA
    Cash Buyer ready to invest any amount as per business annual revenue …
  • Subway Sandwiches in Toronto and Area ON
    Buyer’s cash to invest: $100K, Buyer’s price range: $200K-$250K …
  • MR Sub in Mississauga, ON
    Buyer’s cash to invest: $80K, Buyer’s price range: $150K-$200K, ….
  • Extreme Pita in Mississauga, ON
    Buyer’s cash to invest: $90K, Buyer’s price range: $150K-$200K …
  • Canada Post Franchise in Mississauga, ONBuyer’s cash to invest: $150K, Buyer’s price range: $275K-$325K ...
  • Convenience/Variety Store in Toronto West, ON
    Buyer’s cash to invest: $100K, Buyer’s price range: $200K-$250K ...

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Helping Business Owners/Sellers Find a Safe EXIT Strategy – gtaBusinessBroker.ca
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>> Corporate Buyers Looking for Acquisitions <<

  • Commercial Printing BusinessCorporate Buyer Looking for Commercial Printing Business throughout North America, or …. more details
  • Manufacturing, Service, Distribution BusinessCorporate Buyer Looking For Well Established Business – manufacturing, service, distribution, assembly, Internet sales, or …..? more details…


NOTE TO SELLERS: If You Have Business Like One Mentioned Above & Intent To Sell, Then Please Help Us By Filling Out The Form Below To Discuss The Possibilities:

Business Seller Request Form

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Remember, if you have a going concern, prepare your business for sale – even if you don’t intend to sell it now!

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Looking to sell your business? Selling your business confidentially & in top dollars needs preparation, patience, & right Business Brokerage Service. We market & process your sale while you concentrate on your business operation.....details


Considering buying a business? We can assist you find the right business & manage the entire buying process to ensure a successful transaction. For matching business opportunity suitable for you, let us know your preferences. ...details


Right pricing results in quick sale of a business. Overstating or underestimating business value can be costly for an owner. We help our Client avoid costly mistakes by valuing a business that can help you make/ save when buy or sell....details


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