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Confidential Consultation

You can rely on our Business Intermediary Services to deliver. We offer free confidential consultation to discuss your Exit Strategies and/ or Acquisition options. Call (416) 364-5550 Or ....eContact Us

Seller Benefits

>> Here are A few Seller Benefits for Hiring GTA Business Broker

Seller Benefits - gta Business BrokerAnd Sellers can expect the following, when we act on their behalf:
  • You get access to This Broker’s database of local and Worldwide Business Buyers and Investors
  • Discreet Advertising and Marketing for maximum infiltration to your targeted Industry
  • Focus on Decision Makers [business buyers and investors for quick offer decision]
  • Scrutinize Potential Buyers to assure their qualifications BEFORE they know who you are
  • We negotiate on your behalf, according to the Mandate
  • We are educated in the Business arena and have qualifications, as such
  • We answer buyer’s questions professionally while maintaining discretion
  • Our  fees are strictly performance based – compensation only for successful results
  • Maintain Confidentiality (Secrecy) of your business information
  • We Compile. Organize and Present your business Ideally, with your Accountant’s and Lawyer’s inputs (we have years of experience for businesses)
  •   Give you the market  price indication before processing your business for sale
  • Help you develop a Strategy to best present your business to your Target Market
  • Help you develop a Strategy to best present your business to your Target Market
  • Help with the Financial Recasting to make your business more sale-able
  • Help the buyer obtaining the most appropriate financing, given their situation
  • Help complete the Negotiations for you with/without your lawyers/accountants
  • You, the Seller avoids distractions while running your business
  • Quality and Discretion are our mainstays
  • Help  get a better price for your business

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If you would like to discuss the sale of your existing business, please click the link below to contact us with your business information


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Looking to sell your business? Selling your business confidentially & in top dollars needs preparation, patience, & right Business Brokerage Service. We market & process your sale while you concentrate on your business operation.....details


Considering buying a business? We can assist you find the right business & manage the entire buying process to ensure a successful transaction. For matching business opportunity suitable for you, let us know your preferences. ...details


Right pricing results in quick sale of a business. Overstating or underestimating business value can be costly for an owner. We help our Client avoid costly mistakes by valuing a business that can help you make/ save when buy or sell....details


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